Sunday, January 17, 2016

Valentine wall hanging.

Next up will be spring!  Perhaps a basket of posies?!

Homespun quilt

So I gave Mel and Dave a quilt for the rec room.  This top was actually made a number of years ago and I thought I had given them one of these already.  I had made three tops of the same fabric in different patterns.  When I waked Mel she said they didn't have one, but tonite Dave said they had one similar.  No worries, it will be his and hers!    Glad they like it!

Minion quilt has been gifted!

And a Pokemon pillowcase!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

UPDATE: Elden's minion quilt

UPDATE:  as I was looking at the picture in the original post, I decided to rework the top and bottom borders.  Like them better now.

Original post:
This was fun to put together.  Foundation pieced the corner blocks.  It definately needed something other than the straight rail fences.    Discovered I like foundation piecing.  Will have to try it again ... Maybe even paper piecing.  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Avery's birthday

A little girl across the pond is having a birthday.  She herself is a 'maker' so I am sending her a bag to store her tablet (hudl for those in the know) and her earphones all in one place.  Birds nest necklace is an extra.  Not sure what else I'll put in the bag.  I have a week or so to figure it out.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Birds nest necklace!

Always loved these little birds nests I've seen on Pinterest.  Since miss Avery has a birthday coming up I've decided to give it a shot.  Not too bad for a first shot.  Hope she likes it.

I used this tutorial on YouTube.

Bionic gear bag!

Made my first BIONIC GEAR BAG (otherwise known as BGB) by ripstitchr!  Love the pattern, pretty easy.  Some finessing is needed because of thicknesses when applying the side bindings.  First one isn't perfect, but will be well used.  More coming down the chute!