Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not totally sure blogging is for me ...

since so much time goes by between posts. Some people challenge themselves to post daily, weekly, a special thing on a certain day of the week and manage to do it. I just don't see that being me - now mind you - it's not that I don't have the time - I'm on the computer enough, that's for sure - I just don't think my projects, or me for that matter is all that interesting. I certainly do admire the people who write the blogs I read - and it's a long list.

So ... that being said, I'm gonna keep the blog, but will probably just post finished projects and other stuff "whenever". Sort of a crafty chronical - maybe I'll even rename it - who knows? I think I'm even gonna change the header of this blog ....uh oh - getting inspired (for the moment anyway!).

Here's pics of a couple of binders I made out of upholstery fabric - these will be donated to the craft fair at my friend's church - but I think I'm gonna make more for gifts - they came out really good. I looked for patterns on the net but ended up drawing one up myself by looking at one I've had for years. I'm sure there is a pattern similar out there though.

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